The Vile Manuscript

The ultimate evil after creating evil gods and fiends was pleased by his creations as they created havoc and spread evil throughout the multiverse. He allowed his creations to believe they had free will whilst he created the Vile Manuscript. A magical artefact created by one of the most powerful beings that has ever existed.

For millennia the evil God wrote down in vivid detail all 666 prime evil rituals, spells and acts. When the god was writing the last line on the last page of the last evil act he had a revelation that his work was a guide on how to become the most evil and powerful of all the dark powers. The god thought that the havoc and evil that would spread throughout the multiverse if ever a being read all the pages would be unfathomable.

The god stopped writing, before he finished his ultimate work of evil he made several magical copies of the Tome (each only containing 665 acts) all of which were much inferior to his tome he then made the copies scatter their pages as scrolls throughout the multiverse and decided to wait and see if any being was capable of achieving the level of evil required to read and perform all the acts.

Any being mortal or divine who read a ritual from a scroll was granted a +70 to the knowledge religion check for the sacrifice and was granted the power once per day as a spell like ability. If a mortal or divine being performs the ritual and makes a DC 100 (with or without reading the scroll) is granted the power once per day (or permanently for a feat etc) as a spell like ability if they read the scroll and performed the ritual then the being is granted the power as a spell like ability level times per day (unless divine or epic level in which case it is at will) as well as the ability to enter a trance which lasts 1 month in which all you can do is rest and write out a copy of the scroll from memory. If you perform the ritual using a copy of the scroll the bonus is +40.

Once a being has read all 665 scrolls and performed all 665 acts that being can seek to learn the last act on their own (DC300 sacrifice) they can learn the last act, perform it and be instantly teleported the beginning of time when the ultimate evil penned the last line in the Tome. If you manage to read the Tome the reader becomes as powerful as the ultimate evil.

A scroll made by the god himself is invaluable, takes one round to read (as the knowledge burns itself into the readers brain forever causing permanent insanity in all non evil beings no save, nothing in existence can restore the being who remains insane even after death) is then stunned for 1d4 minutes no save, and the scroll vanishes to reappear in another untraceable existence 10 rounds after it has first been read, it can then be read by up to 10 more beings before disappearing.

A copy of a scroll is worth 666,000 gp if ever sold and destroyed in the same manner as the god made scroll vanishes.

The Vile Manuscript

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