Evil, Nuts and Loving It

You and your companions grew up in an orphanage in Waterdeep you were beaten, starved, locked up, enslaved and humiliated and that’s just the stuff you let yourself remember only the gods know what it was that makes you wake up sweating and ready to scream.

Fortunately when you and your mates broke out the place burnt to the ground and none of the ‘caretakers’ made it out alive but all the kids did isn’t instant karma fun to watch.

You have some major issues whether its paranoia, fetishes, sadistic tendencies (no violent sexual acts thanks) masochistic tendencies, misogynistic, pyromania, nymphomania or just an extreme case of PTSD. You’re a nut-job the only people you trust (for a given value of trust…. well just won’t betray first) are your mates from the orphanage. Your world has two types of life predators and prey. And you will never be anyone’s prey ever again.

Now you have discovered an ancient tome that speaks of the Vile Manuscript with the knowledge contained in that book you can never be hurt again and can get vengeance on those that hurt you, or let others hurt you, or a going to hurt you or might hurt you or are just nearby depending on your mood. But it’s going to take a lot of effort and you can’t do it alone who can you trust to help you, well no-one of course, but there are a few guys who are just as crazy as you are and aren’t the type to be squeamish over a few thousand dead bodies.

If you want to play a bad guy who is a nut job (think Dark Knight Batman but a lot less friendly) and be in a campaign where you can go, “you know what that villager was kind ‘a rude let’s go kill everyone he knows to teach him a lesson”. This is the campaign you were looking for. With the nut job background but mutual bond of your companions you need not fear that everyone betrays everyone in game one. It won’t happen your scarred like blind butcher but until there is the chance to have ultimate power you’re all in this together.

The Tome of Ultimate Evil